Send With SMS

Send With SMS for Palm OS

Share your Contacts, Tasks, Memos with others using SMS

This system extension allows you to send short text messages from applications supporting the "Send..." command, for example the built-in Contacts, Memos, Calendar, Tasks.


  • Select "Send..." from the menu
  • Select "SMS"
  • The text is pasted into the message, now you can fill in the "To:" field and click Send


  • It can only send Text, exactly like if you typed it yourself. The receiver will also get the data as text only. For Memos this is obviously not a problem. For Contacts, Calendar events, and Tasks you can use RNS:: TreoVCardReceiver to automatically transfer the incoming data into the associated application
  • The amount of text is limited by the medium, you cannot send more than a few hundreds of characters
  • And of course no binary data (it would be hard to find the binary file to match the size limit anyway)

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Send With SMS


Send With SMS 1.0

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